Get News and Details about Trechanji

Get a sneak peek at our emerging prototype

Get a sneak peek at the Trechanji prototype. As registered mailing list member you will receive access to the first alpha version of Trechanji.

Our Vision: Changing SAP Consulting Business

Our vision is to change SAP consulting business. Trechanji offers a platform for developers and organisations to exchange treasures on an equal footing.

Trechanji – The Name And Its Promise

The name Trechanji is the sum of three different words. Combined they are the promise for what your value of the market place will be.

Trechanji – The new market place for SAP developments

Trechanji is a project that is designed to grow with its community. That’s why we want the community to be able to follow the journey from the very beginning. We see a blog as the best way to inform. And to let everyone participate who wants to.

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