What is the Trechanji SAPlink Bundle

We at Trechanji really like the tool SAPlink. But we also know, that there are a lot of plugins out there. In addition you might face installation hassle. In order to make it much easier for you to get started with digging your gold nuggets we created the Trechanji SAPlink Bundle. We did the work of installing working plugins and made them available in a single nugget to install using the normal SAPlink installer.

The Trechanji SAPlink Bundle is based on SAPlink, which is a project that aims to make it easier to share ABAP developments between programmers. It provides the ability to easily distribute and package custom objects.

You can get the Trechanji SAPlink Bundle for free by subscribing to our mailing list. You will not only receive the Trechanji SAPlink Bundle, but also regular updates on Trechanji and the different developer tools. Please fill the details in your profile and add yourself as Developer or Technical Consultant in the question "What roles do match what you do the whole day?". This tool is something for techies.


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