How did it all start?

There was the idea of building our own SAP tools at TWENTY |20. One of the major issues was, how we can distribute them to the world. In these early days already there was the idea of an app store like market place, where we could publish and distribute the tools. This was only the beginning of our vision and the more we startet thinking about the idea, we were confident in building something, which will change the way SAP consulting business will look like in the future.

And what exactly is our vision now?

The vision is: Change SAP Consulting Business.

We believe, that consulting business is already changing towards involvement of more freelancers and going back to more in-house consulting jobs. The biggest part of SAP projects is done by major consulting companies and freelancers are most of the time staffed by agencies.

We also believe a lot of work in the SAP area is done multiple times and without the SAP community knowing it. Imagine the huge amount of SAP enthusiasts around the world. There are so many SAP projects and people, there must be more available then we are all seeing.  It is a huge potential, which cannot properly be used even with the SAP Community Network available.

Our vision of the change in consulting business is to reduce the power of the big players. Don't understand us wrong, we do not blame them for what they are. What we want are fair possibilities for everybody out there. It must be possible for a single person to publish important work and code snippets and earn money in the same way as it is for the big players. It must be possible for organisations running SAP software, to find help for their in-house consultants without the need to involve big projects with big consulting organisations doing implementation work, which has been done often times before.

How does Trechanji help?

Trechanji offers a platform to everybody, no matter, if a lonesome cowboy, or a huge company. The platform will bring together the different people in the SAP business and offer treasures including code nuggets, instructions and services. It will enable those using the platform, to share their work with others and even earn money. Trechanji can be compared to any app store available in the internet, only for SAP business. Treasures can be some small pieces of code to fully independent software developments, which are based on the SAP technology stack.

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