We are going to conduct some workshops... Be part of it!

The past few days we send out some invitations for our workshops we want to do in April 2016. The workshops have the goal of bringing together users, developers and business people and discuss about the current development status of Trechanji.

We already received some positive replies, which makes us happy. This makes us even more excited about the next steps on the journey of Trechanji.

The workshops will be conducted with different customer segments in mind. The idea is to get a look at Trechanji from people not involved in the development process at all and to understand, what the needs of the potential customer segments are. We expect some very promising and exciting days together with some friends.

If you also want to take part in such a workshop or share your ideas with us, just drop us a mail and register to our mailing list. We will also use the mailing list to announce upcoming events.

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