Welcome at our Trechanji blog. Trechanji is a market place for SAP developments. It brings developer and user closer together. Here you can find all necessary information about the current development phase. Additionally there are more in-depth articles as well as some insight into the questions that we as a community deal with. Furthermore there will be a greater collection of details on certain topics.

Why a blog?

Trechanji is a project that is designed to grow with its community. That's why we want the community to be able to follow the journey from the very beginning. We see a blog as the best way to inform. And to let everyone participate who wants to. 

How can I support actively?

The easiest method for supporting is to comment actively below articles you are interested in. If you have a bigger question about Trechanji you would like to share with the community, you can also become active as a guest author. If you are interested, simply contact us directly.

What are the next steps?

Right now it is important to make Trechanji known. A stronger community will support us in learning which things are required and which are not. You can also support us in this endeavour if you know people who might be interested in the topic. You can find a brief explanation on what Trechanji is all about right here. Additionally you can register for our newsletter. You will be able to discover one or the other treasure. Simultaneously we also work on a useable prototype. Subsequently, we want to take the next step with the whole community.

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