The name Trechanji is the sum of three different words. Combined they are the promise for what your value of the market place will be.

Tre = Treasure

At Trechanji everybody has the possibility to discover his own treasure. For example a user who discovers a treasure for his own SAP landscape or a developer who is creating his own personal treasure by providing his nuggets. A consultant can find a treasure with the specific nuggets enabling him to enhance his own developments (treasure) at a customer project as well.

Echanj = Exchange (Haitian)

One of the biggest goals of our market place is to enhance the exchange between users, consultants and developers within the SAP world. This means a high transparency between all parties by profiling and clear ways of communication. Everyone who is a part of Trechanji should know with whom he is dealing with and for which topics there is a reputation.

i = intelligent

Everyone can search exactly what he needs. And everyone can exactly offer what he has available. Exactly at the moment when there is a need for it. Afterwards there will be a fast exchange and the treasure is yielded. Simple and intelligent without any big paper work.

Trechanji Logo

The logo also contains the three parts of the name: treasure chest and golden color stand for the treasures, the arrows stand for the exchange and the chosen font and combination of the elements stand for the smart way of the combination.

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