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We assume, you already wondered what is going on with Trechanji besides this blog and some social media content. Today we want to give you a preview on the current status of the development of the Trechanji prototype.

The market place

Our developers have focused on some major functionalities to ensure a working prototype for both parties, the buyers and the vendors. What you can find already is the market place with some categories and some demo treasures.

Vendor Dashboard

The dashboard is already available for our upcoming vendors. It is the central place for vendors to manage their treasures and earnings.

In the next weeks we will open our prototype to some very early testers. Trechanji will still not be a public market place at that time, but we want to invite the most interested treasure hunters out there to our platform and we would like to collect some first insights from those going to use the market place.

If you want to be one of the first treasure hunters, register on our mailing list. All members of the mailing list will receive an alpha version login to the first available prototype.

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