The early adopter access to Trechanji will be available in a couple of days. Our developers are fine tuning some last bits and pieces. So make sure to be ready...

What you can expect as an Early Adopter

The early adopter version of Trechanji will give you first hand experience with the marketplace. Browse the marketplace and download one of the dummy treasures. Create your own profile and you can even become a vendor. Every user with a registered account in the early adopter version will receive a little gift, as soon as Trechanji will be launched to the open world.

You can expect an engaged team, which is eager to learn from your thoughts about the product. It is you as part of the Trechanji Community being the driving force behind the development of the marketplace. Make use of this possibility!

What you cannot do

As the early adopter version of Trechanji is still a prototype, you can't use it to earn real money. Many more steps have to be done until we reach that point. You also can't use the social sharing functionality, as the access to the early adopter version is locked via a password request.

How to prepare

Make sure to exercise each day. Drink enough water and eat clean... Get enough sleep and get out of bed early...


... and last but not least, make sure to join the mailing list. Each member of the mailing list will receive early adopter access automatically. To make sure, you will be able to test Trechanji with your own SAP treasures, every mailing list member will also receive a SAPlink bundle including different plugins. We prepared this bundle to make the installation as easy as possible for you.

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